Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Trying to work out the character for our current project, getting her right is pivotal to designing the look and feel of the levels. The game we got given to develop is quite cliche and the gameplay is going to be hard to make fun. According to our tutor alot of making this game succesful hinges on how well we dress the game as well as making the gameplay 'work', so no pressure there then!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Another round of life drawing, last one this year, so stayed for the full five hours again. Pretty fast-paced this time around.

The poses in the first two pics above were between 2 - 6 minutes each, with a lot of playing around with one of those giant excercise balls. Below are all gesture drawings where the model barely paused in what he was doing at all, except for some slow tai-chi. They mostly look like scribbles but it was definately good practise.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sadly this isn't my work, though I sorely wish it was. This little model of my monkey character was crafted by my friend Toby and now sits on my shelf. Go check out his blog if you get a chance!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Was finally able to sneak back into Life Drawing on the monday! We don't technically have it this year so had to wait for the first year numbers to dwindle down enough to get in on the action. Forgot how much I missed those naked people, but I'm ridiculously rusty. Thankfully this session there weren't any long, several hour poses; just many 5-10 minute 'action stances'.

Also snuck in on the MA Animation's two hour session straight afterward. Got to concentrate on hands and feet, which made a nice change, albeit a difficult one. Hands peeling oranges and holding chopsticks.... damn near killed me.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Final three promo pics for the design document and game prototype our group put together. Our game pitch called 'All Wound Up' involves our little cymbal-bashing monkey toy jumping up platforms to escape an incinerator. The primary mechanic is to charge up your jumps and time them well so you have enough power to reach the next ledge, but not spending so long to charge that the incinerator catches up with you. Or something like that anyhow. Spent so long blithering on about it in a 10 minute presentation that I think my brain's shutdown and refuses to talk about it anymore.

Now there's a second half of this project coming up. We're going to be given one of the other groups documents to fully realise and visa versa. Should be interesting to say the least! Until we get given a design doc I'm going to be catching up on some serious Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Got a deadline for this uni project coming up in a couple of days, so it's the opportune time to piddle about with a blog post!

Just some concept/promo art for a Game Design Document my group and I are putting together. The game mechanics, story, look and levels have changed about a squillion times since the start, so there's not much point blithering on about that until after the hand-in. Have some toy monkeys in the meantime.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

It's taken a long time (mostly because of my dithering about) but finally managed to finish this massive set of portraits! Go me? These buggers are my slightly extensive collection of cousins, plus my sibling and I at the bottom there.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Decided to cobble together a new Steam-sized avatar for myself the other day and, well, I got a little carried away. Not ragingly arty of me I know, but it can't be a bad thing to play around with layers, effects and textures.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Recently finished this for the pin-up contest over at ReMIND, a beautifully drawn and written comic which I've been following for a while. Hopefully I've done it justice! Link to the comic below, do check it out if you get the chance.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Thought I would share some naked chaps from life drawing at uni. These are a good few months old now but I'm still rather pleased with them (and that's saying something, being the raging art perfectionist/egomaniac that I am), if only because the experience of drawing the wobbly bits on nudes has been incredibly helpful in anatomy/form the usual gubbins.

All done in oil pastel on roughly A2 around.. march-ish time.

I really wish I had the chance to take life drawing classes sooner, my first year at uni being the first time I'd ever done it. Having a teacher on top of it all to push and poke me in the right direction was a massive help as well. 'Twas a nice gradual build-up over the months to the point where I could sit for a good few hours non-stop, concentrate on one picture and not feel the constant urge to wander off and put the kettle on.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

'Sbeen a while so figured I ought to post something-or-other on here. I'm doing brilliantly at this blogging lark aren't I? Oh well, I'll get there in the end I'm sure.

Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuun some sunflowers (and a wee bee, who knew!!). Painting on kitchen tiles is certainly a new experience... so are the sunflowers for that matter. Took a while but I think I did an alright job; certainly my 'clients' upon viewing didn't demand I immediately expunge it from the tiles and beg for forgiveness for my hideously rendered flora.

I'd get a close-up of the bee but sadly with my non-existant camera skills I wasn't able to get a photo that wasn't blurred to buggery. Suppose we'll just have to admire it from a distance.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Something I've been meaning to focus on more lately is digital art, which I just seem to keep putting off. The times I have gotten around to doing something I've been too afraid to get past 'draw outline, fill it in, cell shade'.

Welp obviously I have kicked my own arse enough to cobble this together! Was nice to do something original with one of my own characters for once. Curse you teeny tiny expresso coffee!!

Bullied Frodey into a round of iScribble yesterday evening, whose infinitely better picture is on the left hand side. GUNS and MOTORBIKES hoarghhh I feel manly. I'd link to Frodey's blog but... what is this? The horrendously talented bugger doesn't have one?! This is not a thinly veiled hint thrown in Frodey's direction at all, no siree.

Aaaaand lastly another round of iScribble with another talented bugger Jamie! The axe, no-spy sign, Engie-chu and "That dispenser is a SPAH" belong to him.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

This blog is distinctly lacking bloginess at this moment. Can't believe it's almost been a month since my last update. Still, this here entry is proof that I am unf, so very into this blog as I haven't screamed about how old the previous entires are and destroyed the entire thing.

Haven't got a lot to say? Couple of commissions, me cousins and an a3 poster thing which can be summed up in "ARGH, MY HAND, THE UNHOLY AGONY OF IT ALL". Still, it was fun to do, and karma charger just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
'Sall for now, hopefully next time I'll have something insightful and mind-blowing to say next time in amongst my offerings of artery!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Running around after toddlery chiddlers for the best part of a week is incredibly knackering, not entirely sure how parents manage it! So sadly I haven't had much time or energy for drawing; or to draw anything original anyhow. Maybe I'm just getting old. Have some sketchings from LIFE.

Kew Gardens has some incredible plants, trees and foliage doofiggery to draw, but I got distracted by the animal life in the Princess of Wales Conservatory. Huge moth there called the Atlas Moth. The one I sketched hadn't been out of it's crysalis long and was still drying off.

There was a water dragon mincing around one of the pools who kept leaping away and swimming to the other side of the pool once I started getting somewhere with a sketch. Good practise for trying to get a form down quickly I guess, but still frustrating. Cheeky blighter knew it too.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Well chaps, here's some sort of attempt at a blog. Let's hope I can keep it going for more than two seconds before I get distracted by something shiny.

Haven't got much in the way of artwork to lobb here at the moment. You would think that during the summer hols I'd have more time to draw non-uni related gubbins. Or any gubbins at all for that matter.

At any rate here are a couple of pictures I did for Egoraptor's Girlchan character contest... thing. Plus some concepty doodleage lark, because I can.

Ps. dude in the white is from the Girlchan series in case you're not familiar with it.