Monday, 28 March 2011

Never-ending life drawing I'm afraid. Done lots of artwork for current uni project but nothing really worth showing I don't reckon.

At any rate, this week started off with some very quick poses. Was difficult to get the model moving because she didn't want to change pose before I was done, but I was after that 'OMG will she move must draw NOW' kind of feeling. Got there in the end though I reckon, managed to fill a good page and a bit full of stuff! The feather boa was a really nice touch but it doesn't show up too well in my gestures.

Got to spend some time on a longer pice as well which I haven't done a for a while. Quite a chance of pace though the whole time I was paranoid of over-working the thing (whilst struggling getting to grips with chalk/soft pastels). Didn't turn out too shabby I don't reckon!

Had a marvellous birthday thanks for askin'. Comic book store, Wagamama's and Rango aint too shabby for a 21st on a budget of minus a million (same goes for the entourage). Now I'm older and dafter, gotta better at that artses!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Birthday tomorrow gotta go bye!!!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Even more life drawing. Still no nudity I'm afraid, maybe next time. :D

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Life drawings from last week. No nudity this time!! Clothing folds were really challenging and I haven't a single clue what I'm up to. Good change though, gotta keep pushing myself and all that.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Latest two 'drawing a week' uh... drawings!

Theme: Electricity Thief

This week we're going to be designing a creature that ingests electricity for nourishment. This species tends to be considered a pest because in areas where their population gets too high, it causes blackouts, and occasionally sends these infested areas into the technological stone-age due to their sucking up of so much delicious energy.

"This particular crow-sized, avian species used to be something of a rarity. They used to roam the stormy skies in small packs of three to five, scavenging off the natural discharge of electricity. As it spends 90% of its time in the clouds, higher than most other flighty animals, the eyes are situated low down on the head. Its beak acts as a conductor. The electricity is attracted to the point, which then leaps towards the adapted tongue and is thus consumed.

However, once they learned that power cables and telegraph wires were a much easier and abundant source of food, they left their high altitudes to settle in more urban, grounded areas. The more readilly available food increased their survival rate and their numbers grew. They now exist in swarms of thirty or more, causing constant power outages with their feeding frenzies.

Half the main bird pic missing I'm afraid due to random CS5 crash. Thank feck for printscreen eh."

Theme: Orrery Chamber

An Orrery is a room that has a model of the solar system in it. This is an open topic. It could be strategic, mystical, scientific, or whatever else you wish to imagine, similarly it could be ancient, steampunk, alien, futuristic, etc.

"In the not so distant future there is barely a spot of soil left to shit on due to over industrialisation. However, because of the general, eco-warmongering public, many new buildings now support their own eco-systems and habitats.

One of the first buildings to do this was a newly erected science museum, where the Orrery was built to be an observatory and greenhouse."

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

"You are part of a development team working on a third person survival game called Sparks. The game takes place in the rundown village of Cog and its surrounding landscape. The natural world has long since turned its back on mechanised industry and is slowly but surely cleansing the land of its presence.

You play as Sparks a teenage robot struggling to come to terms with natures hate of the industrialised world, each day Sparks' village is attacked by natural creatures. By day you help defend the village from attacks, by night you explore the surrounding areas and gather resources to aid both Sparks' and the Village’s development."

The above TL;DR is the blurb for the main project I'm working on at uni, we're in week 3 now! If you didn't guess the above colour schemage and whatnot is for the protagonist Sparks. This is pretty much his/her/its final design and hopefully I'll churn out a pretty, polished concept image before long. Now moving onto the village and general surroundings concepts!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Belated life drawing from last monday. Blogger hasn't been wanting to upload my pictures lately, so got around to taking these to uni and uploading them here. Was in a rather sour mood so not my best round, but I should be getting back into the swing of things.

Very busy with current project, dissertation doings, Dare to be Digital competitioning and finding time to have a life somewhere in between. Not to mention all those annoying foibles that come with living in general. That said I'll upload some progress from the current project of suicidal tendancies asap, plus yesterdays life drawing. This blog will not be defeateeeeeeeeed!!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Just a quick update, a couple of pictures from the weekly challenge me and some friends are doing. We choose a subject from the ConceptArt forums and spend between 1-3 hours on a picture.

Theme: The Zodiac Warrior

For ages a war has been going on between 12 different tribes, all of them empowered by a different starsign. The Zodiac Wars have been the stage of many famous powerful warriors and mages, yet none of them powerful enough to overcome the others. Which starsign channels the most power? Who will end the Zodiac Wars?

Theme: Pissoir

The brief this week is to create a public toilet, pissoirs (public urinals) being a subcategory. This is fairly straightforward, but in addition the toilet must be designed with a certain city or location in mind. After all, who would use an exposed pissoir in Winnipeg in January?

"The Jeeves 5000 is finally here from Auto-bog Ltd!!

This buttling, defecation exposal 'bot is the perfect edition to any 5 star resort. Why waste your precious relaxation time by having to extract yourself from your leisure activity and hike all the way to the nearest lavatory, when it can come to you! With brand new patented bladder and intestinal sensors, the Jeeves 5000 will always know when you want to go. Its specialised hover disc allows it to settle at any height or angle for optimised comfort, not to mention getting it to the site in record time. Never again will top-dollar paying holidaygoers have to wipe their own arses."

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Hastily put together trailer for the Orb game. I normally wouldn't put it up here but this is as much as anyone will ever see of the game. It isn't particularly playable unfortunately but hey, lesson learned. Or lessons. Or something. 'Swhat university's about right?

Below for your viewing pleasure is a work-in-progress I didn't manage to finish for Valentines. Will get there someday though when I find the time in amongst the new projects.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Two promotional images for the Orb game, which is finally done and handed in! I don't think I have ever been so stressed for a project my entire life. Still, there's the dreaded 'train-wreck' project next, where we get to work in massive teams along with coders. We could barely get the 4 in our group organised this time around.

I. Am going. To die.

Ha, really sell myself don't I? Hopefully will put the actual game up on the 'net somewhere, once we get the okay with the chaps who originally pitched this. Screenshots don't quite give the same feel unfortunately.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Got some actual progress to show you for the uni project game (which is called Orb by the way)

I'm definately no animator, and though I would have liked to spend much more time on these I don't think they're too shabby. They'll be about half the size in the actual game so hopefully all the raging mistakes will be shrunk down to an unseeable size!

Also a couple of screenshots from in-game. Personally not very happy with the scenery work, it all looks rather flat. Unfortunately there's no time to create full, majestic, depthful masterpieces with the bajillion other levels I've got to do. Not that I'm complaining, managed to learn a few things by stumbling my way ungainly through this project.

Monday, 24 January 2011

More life drawing! Went back to oil pastels for the last session, so I could thankfully relax a bit whilst suffering from sleep deprivation (oh university how I suffer for you). Would have liked to try something different but I completely forgot to acquire new supplies. I got to model next to our uh.. model though so I suppose that could count towards my 'trying new/different stuff' quota?

Hopefully next post I'll lobb some bits and bobs up from the uni project, once I figure out how to turn my attempts at spriting into non-blurry .gifs. It's very different creating actual assetts for a game rather than just dreaming up vague concepts. Bit of given I suppose, but now that I'm there I've realised there's a lot I didn't think to consider or wouldn't be an issue but actually is etc etc argh my mind?!
Deadline in one week, crunchtime here I come. D:

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

More naked figures for your viewing pleasure! And also a Frodey. Charcoals cause me pain but I'll get there in the end I'm sure.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Back to life drawing and the grindstone in general this week. Fell into a complete lull over the Christmas break so feeling pretty rusty. Going to try and experiment with different materials over the next few weeks, just to keep me on my toes and out my comfort zone.

Had to almost start over with the art for the current uni project. Did a fair amount of work but after a talk with my tutor the style and colours were all over the place and not very well brought together. Although there isn't much time 'til the end of this project I've set more constraints for the design/theme and hopefully I'll come out with something more coherent.

In amongst all this I'm working in a group of four (Matthew Jackson and Megan Goodwin our delightful coders, and Jamie Lewis and myself on the art and assets) to create a game for Android phones, with some help from a lecturer and android games developer. Hopefully I'll something concrete to show you chaps soon, just moving on to final designs after lots of discussion and storyboarding. We're hoping for a release around february time presuming we can get it done around all our respective projects and essays.