Friday, 26 November 2010

Final three promo pics for the design document and game prototype our group put together. Our game pitch called 'All Wound Up' involves our little cymbal-bashing monkey toy jumping up platforms to escape an incinerator. The primary mechanic is to charge up your jumps and time them well so you have enough power to reach the next ledge, but not spending so long to charge that the incinerator catches up with you. Or something like that anyhow. Spent so long blithering on about it in a 10 minute presentation that I think my brain's shutdown and refuses to talk about it anymore.

Now there's a second half of this project coming up. We're going to be given one of the other groups documents to fully realise and visa versa. Should be interesting to say the least! Until we get given a design doc I'm going to be catching up on some serious Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Got a deadline for this uni project coming up in a couple of days, so it's the opportune time to piddle about with a blog post!

Just some concept/promo art for a Game Design Document my group and I are putting together. The game mechanics, story, look and levels have changed about a squillion times since the start, so there's not much point blithering on about that until after the hand-in. Have some toy monkeys in the meantime.