Thursday, 24 February 2011

Just a quick update, a couple of pictures from the weekly challenge me and some friends are doing. We choose a subject from the ConceptArt forums and spend between 1-3 hours on a picture.

Theme: The Zodiac Warrior

For ages a war has been going on between 12 different tribes, all of them empowered by a different starsign. The Zodiac Wars have been the stage of many famous powerful warriors and mages, yet none of them powerful enough to overcome the others. Which starsign channels the most power? Who will end the Zodiac Wars?

Theme: Pissoir

The brief this week is to create a public toilet, pissoirs (public urinals) being a subcategory. This is fairly straightforward, but in addition the toilet must be designed with a certain city or location in mind. After all, who would use an exposed pissoir in Winnipeg in January?

"The Jeeves 5000 is finally here from Auto-bog Ltd!!

This buttling, defecation exposal 'bot is the perfect edition to any 5 star resort. Why waste your precious relaxation time by having to extract yourself from your leisure activity and hike all the way to the nearest lavatory, when it can come to you! With brand new patented bladder and intestinal sensors, the Jeeves 5000 will always know when you want to go. Its specialised hover disc allows it to settle at any height or angle for optimised comfort, not to mention getting it to the site in record time. Never again will top-dollar paying holidaygoers have to wipe their own arses."

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Hastily put together trailer for the Orb game. I normally wouldn't put it up here but this is as much as anyone will ever see of the game. It isn't particularly playable unfortunately but hey, lesson learned. Or lessons. Or something. 'Swhat university's about right?

Below for your viewing pleasure is a work-in-progress I didn't manage to finish for Valentines. Will get there someday though when I find the time in amongst the new projects.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Two promotional images for the Orb game, which is finally done and handed in! I don't think I have ever been so stressed for a project my entire life. Still, there's the dreaded 'train-wreck' project next, where we get to work in massive teams along with coders. We could barely get the 4 in our group organised this time around.

I. Am going. To die.

Ha, really sell myself don't I? Hopefully will put the actual game up on the 'net somewhere, once we get the okay with the chaps who originally pitched this. Screenshots don't quite give the same feel unfortunately.