Thursday, 31 May 2012

Completely forgot this existed sadly enough! I am currently meandering about on Tumblr if you wanna pop over for a looksee.

Cheers chaps!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Never-ending life drawing I'm afraid. Done lots of artwork for current uni project but nothing really worth showing I don't reckon.

At any rate, this week started off with some very quick poses. Was difficult to get the model moving because she didn't want to change pose before I was done, but I was after that 'OMG will she move must draw NOW' kind of feeling. Got there in the end though I reckon, managed to fill a good page and a bit full of stuff! The feather boa was a really nice touch but it doesn't show up too well in my gestures.

Got to spend some time on a longer pice as well which I haven't done a for a while. Quite a chance of pace though the whole time I was paranoid of over-working the thing (whilst struggling getting to grips with chalk/soft pastels). Didn't turn out too shabby I don't reckon!

Had a marvellous birthday thanks for askin'. Comic book store, Wagamama's and Rango aint too shabby for a 21st on a budget of minus a million (same goes for the entourage). Now I'm older and dafter, gotta better at that artses!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Birthday tomorrow gotta go bye!!!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Even more life drawing. Still no nudity I'm afraid, maybe next time. :D

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Life drawings from last week. No nudity this time!! Clothing folds were really challenging and I haven't a single clue what I'm up to. Good change though, gotta keep pushing myself and all that.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Latest two 'drawing a week' uh... drawings!

Theme: Electricity Thief

This week we're going to be designing a creature that ingests electricity for nourishment. This species tends to be considered a pest because in areas where their population gets too high, it causes blackouts, and occasionally sends these infested areas into the technological stone-age due to their sucking up of so much delicious energy.

"This particular crow-sized, avian species used to be something of a rarity. They used to roam the stormy skies in small packs of three to five, scavenging off the natural discharge of electricity. As it spends 90% of its time in the clouds, higher than most other flighty animals, the eyes are situated low down on the head. Its beak acts as a conductor. The electricity is attracted to the point, which then leaps towards the adapted tongue and is thus consumed.

However, once they learned that power cables and telegraph wires were a much easier and abundant source of food, they left their high altitudes to settle in more urban, grounded areas. The more readilly available food increased their survival rate and their numbers grew. They now exist in swarms of thirty or more, causing constant power outages with their feeding frenzies.

Half the main bird pic missing I'm afraid due to random CS5 crash. Thank feck for printscreen eh."

Theme: Orrery Chamber

An Orrery is a room that has a model of the solar system in it. This is an open topic. It could be strategic, mystical, scientific, or whatever else you wish to imagine, similarly it could be ancient, steampunk, alien, futuristic, etc.

"In the not so distant future there is barely a spot of soil left to shit on due to over industrialisation. However, because of the general, eco-warmongering public, many new buildings now support their own eco-systems and habitats.

One of the first buildings to do this was a newly erected science museum, where the Orrery was built to be an observatory and greenhouse."

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

"You are part of a development team working on a third person survival game called Sparks. The game takes place in the rundown village of Cog and its surrounding landscape. The natural world has long since turned its back on mechanised industry and is slowly but surely cleansing the land of its presence.

You play as Sparks a teenage robot struggling to come to terms with natures hate of the industrialised world, each day Sparks' village is attacked by natural creatures. By day you help defend the village from attacks, by night you explore the surrounding areas and gather resources to aid both Sparks' and the Village’s development."

The above TL;DR is the blurb for the main project I'm working on at uni, we're in week 3 now! If you didn't guess the above colour schemage and whatnot is for the protagonist Sparks. This is pretty much his/her/its final design and hopefully I'll churn out a pretty, polished concept image before long. Now moving onto the village and general surroundings concepts!