Friday, 11 June 2010

Running around after toddlery chiddlers for the best part of a week is incredibly knackering, not entirely sure how parents manage it! So sadly I haven't had much time or energy for drawing; or to draw anything original anyhow. Maybe I'm just getting old. Have some sketchings from LIFE.

Kew Gardens has some incredible plants, trees and foliage doofiggery to draw, but I got distracted by the animal life in the Princess of Wales Conservatory. Huge moth there called the Atlas Moth. The one I sketched hadn't been out of it's crysalis long and was still drying off.

There was a water dragon mincing around one of the pools who kept leaping away and swimming to the other side of the pool once I started getting somewhere with a sketch. Good practise for trying to get a form down quickly I guess, but still frustrating. Cheeky blighter knew it too.

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