Monday, 5 July 2010

Something I've been meaning to focus on more lately is digital art, which I just seem to keep putting off. The times I have gotten around to doing something I've been too afraid to get past 'draw outline, fill it in, cell shade'.

Welp obviously I have kicked my own arse enough to cobble this together! Was nice to do something original with one of my own characters for once. Curse you teeny tiny expresso coffee!!

Bullied Frodey into a round of iScribble yesterday evening, whose infinitely better picture is on the left hand side. GUNS and MOTORBIKES hoarghhh I feel manly. I'd link to Frodey's blog but... what is this? The horrendously talented bugger doesn't have one?! This is not a thinly veiled hint thrown in Frodey's direction at all, no siree.

Aaaaand lastly another round of iScribble with another talented bugger Jamie! The axe, no-spy sign, Engie-chu and "That dispenser is a SPAH" belong to him.

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