Monday, 24 January 2011

More life drawing! Went back to oil pastels for the last session, so I could thankfully relax a bit whilst suffering from sleep deprivation (oh university how I suffer for you). Would have liked to try something different but I completely forgot to acquire new supplies. I got to model next to our uh.. model though so I suppose that could count towards my 'trying new/different stuff' quota?

Hopefully next post I'll lobb some bits and bobs up from the uni project, once I figure out how to turn my attempts at spriting into non-blurry .gifs. It's very different creating actual assetts for a game rather than just dreaming up vague concepts. Bit of given I suppose, but now that I'm there I've realised there's a lot I didn't think to consider or wouldn't be an issue but actually is etc etc argh my mind?!
Deadline in one week, crunchtime here I come. D:

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