Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Two promotional images for the Orb game, which is finally done and handed in! I don't think I have ever been so stressed for a project my entire life. Still, there's the dreaded 'train-wreck' project next, where we get to work in massive teams along with coders. We could barely get the 4 in our group organised this time around.

I. Am going. To die.

Ha, really sell myself don't I? Hopefully will put the actual game up on the 'net somewhere, once we get the okay with the chaps who originally pitched this. Screenshots don't quite give the same feel unfortunately.


  1. Really lovely artwork you have. What year in the CGD course are you in? Im in the third year at the moment.

    Keep up your brilliant work :)


  2. Oh blimey thank you very much! I'm in the second year, ninja'd in very indiscreetly for your presentations a few days ago. :P