Monday, 28 March 2011

Never-ending life drawing I'm afraid. Done lots of artwork for current uni project but nothing really worth showing I don't reckon.

At any rate, this week started off with some very quick poses. Was difficult to get the model moving because she didn't want to change pose before I was done, but I was after that 'OMG will she move must draw NOW' kind of feeling. Got there in the end though I reckon, managed to fill a good page and a bit full of stuff! The feather boa was a really nice touch but it doesn't show up too well in my gestures.

Got to spend some time on a longer pice as well which I haven't done a for a while. Quite a chance of pace though the whole time I was paranoid of over-working the thing (whilst struggling getting to grips with chalk/soft pastels). Didn't turn out too shabby I don't reckon!

Had a marvellous birthday thanks for askin'. Comic book store, Wagamama's and Rango aint too shabby for a 21st on a budget of minus a million (same goes for the entourage). Now I'm older and dafter, gotta better at that artses!

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