Wednesday, 9 March 2011

"You are part of a development team working on a third person survival game called Sparks. The game takes place in the rundown village of Cog and its surrounding landscape. The natural world has long since turned its back on mechanised industry and is slowly but surely cleansing the land of its presence.

You play as Sparks a teenage robot struggling to come to terms with natures hate of the industrialised world, each day Sparks' village is attacked by natural creatures. By day you help defend the village from attacks, by night you explore the surrounding areas and gather resources to aid both Sparks' and the Village’s development."

The above TL;DR is the blurb for the main project I'm working on at uni, we're in week 3 now! If you didn't guess the above colour schemage and whatnot is for the protagonist Sparks. This is pretty much his/her/its final design and hopefully I'll churn out a pretty, polished concept image before long. Now moving onto the village and general surroundings concepts!

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